Vendor of the Month (VOM)

How VOM Works

The Vendor of the Month representative are introduced during the business portion of the monthly PACT meeting. The representative may use this opportunity to make a brief presentation about his/her company, product and/or vendor service. The announcement may be up to five minutes in length.Use this time to inform, encourage, explain, demonstrate or provide an opportunity for the membership to get to know you. No hard sell.

You provide all resources needed for your presentation, excluding an LCD projector and microphone. If added equipment must be rented from the meeting facility, financial responsibility for payment is the responsibility of the vendor.


  • Only PACT members may participate.
  • One vendor each month.
  • Register once per calendar year.
  • Costs $100 for the monthly meeting presentation with payment received prior to the meeting.
  • You may put brochures or other literature on all the meeting tables (not just the vendor table).
  • No sales of products or services at meetings.
  • Prizes or large gifts are not allowed. Small trinkets that all members and guests receive are acceptable (e.g. pens, Post-it Notes®, etc.).

For questions, send the PACT board a message by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

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