Join the Board

The PACT board year is from June - May. The nomination process opens the Spring of each year with an election in April.

Meet the current board!

PresidentFun board meetings!

  • Annual goal setting with board
  • Manage all aspect of the monthly board meetings
  • Host the monthly membership meetings
  • Annual budget setting with Executive committee
  • Greet new members and guests with a welcoming attitude
  • Be a liaison to the membership with questions/comments/concerns

Time commitment

3 year commitment with a 8-10 hours per month (mainly preparing agendas and presentations and coordinating with others)

Vice President

  • Learn what is required of the president and past president
  • Stand in when president is not available
  • Annual budget setting with Executive committee
  • Organize volunteer time
  • Update board manual needed
  • Chair advisory committee

Time Commitment

3 year commitment with 6 hours per month average (mainly membership and board meetings).

Past PresidentSweater Board

  • Managing all aspects of Excellence Share
  • Ensuring all by-laws are followed
  • Annual budget setting with Executive committee
  • Supporting the president and board by answering questions about history and other issues as requested
  • Working with career enhancement chair on mentoring program

Time Commitment

3 year commitment with 3-8 hours per month (meetings and Excellence share coordination)

Treasurer and Vice Treasurer

  • Arrive to member meetings early and instruct meeting hosts on sign in process (vice treasurer)
  • Deposit monies after member meeting and send tally to treasurer and bookkeeper (vice treasurer)
  • Oversee outgoing funds (treasurer)
  • Balance PACT books (treasurer)
  • Report financial data to the monthly board meetings (treasurer)
  • Annual budget setting with Executive commitee (treasurer)
  • Work with bookkeeper
  • Ensure tax and non-profit information is filed annually (treasurer)
  • Participate in board meetings

Time Commitment

2 year commitment with 6-8 hours per month (mainly around PACT meetings and board meetings)

Communications and Vice Communications Chair

Work together to cover the following tasks:

  • Record minutes during board meetings and distribute to board members along with assigned action items
  • Resolve issues with website
  • Compose and send monthly membership blast
  • Compose and send monthly ads for the newspapers and media outlets about our meetings
  • Approve needs and leads submissions to the website
  • Post announcement for upcoming meetings on LinkedIn and social media sites
  • Manage the website

Time Commitment

2 year commitment with 9-10 hours monthly (board meetings, membership meeting, monthly blasts, posting website needs)

Membership Chair and Vice MembershipImage

  • Administers new member and renewing member processing
  • Gives membership updates at the meeting and co-hosts the membership table at the meetings
  • Lead New Member orientation meetings and the membership committee meetings
  • Lead membership initiatives and proposals
  • Lead membership renewal campaigns

Time commitment

2 year commitment with 10-15 hours per month (Membership and board meetings, processing new membership applications and renewals, answering membership questions). Time commitment is closer to 20 hours per month during re-enrollment period of Dec-Feb, less during rest of year.

Program and Vice Program Chair

  • Identify, coordinate and book speakers for PACT monthly meetings
  • Ensure we have all appropriate paperwork items for the meetings (handouts, evals, needs and leads forms, etc…)
  • Offer workshops when possible for PACT and non PACT members throughout the year

Time Commitment

2 year commitment with 10-14 hours per month. The more engaging the program, the more time required.

Career Enhancement ChairImage

  • Build relationships with vendors (training and educational) to identify valuable opportunities for our members
  • Identify workshops, SIGS and conferences that may interest our members and update the website to reflect these high quality activities

Time Commitment

1 year commitment with 4 hours a month