Guest Pass Overview

PACT membership meetings are open to anyone working in the training industry that is interested in learning more about the organization.

There are two methods for attending a meeting as a guest: Bring a Free Guest or Be a Paid Guest.

Bring a Free Guest (Members Only)


The PACT membership committee encourages active recruiting of new members by our current members. Through this program, PACT offers a limited number of free guest passes to our members as a recruiting tool.

Guest Description

  • Guest cannot be a past PACT member.
  • Guest has potential interest in joining PACT.
  • Guest has not attended a PACT meeting as a guest within the past year.

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend the meeting with the guest and host them for the meeting
  • Introduce the guest to the membership chair / vice-chair and other PACT members during the meeting
  • Follow-up with the guest about membership after the meeting


  • Only one (1) free guest pass per guest and member (if guest joins, the member is eligible for another guest pass) for the current membership year.
  • Guest pass is not transferable to another person.
  • Guest pass is good only for the designated meeting--Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the membership chair or vice chair.
  • Guest pass is not available for paid special events or workshops outside of PACT Membership meetings.
  • The membership committee and PACT Board of Directors reserve the right to limit the number of guests passes provided per meeting or discontinue the offer on selected meetings.


For every 5 memberships paid by one organization, that organization is eligible to use a guest pass per month for the membership year at no cost (free). This is different than the standard member guest pass, which is a guest pass/year. Therefore, if an organization has 5-9 paid memberships, they receive 1 guest pass per month. If they have 10-14 paid memberships, they receive 2 guest passes per month and so on.

The following guidelines for the free guest pass request apply:

  • It must be approved by PACT prior to the membership meeting the guest will attend.
  • The person requesting the guest pass must provide the required information for the guest (name, address, company, email address, phone).
  • The person requesting the guest pass must serve as the host for the guest during the meeting and ideally arrive at the same time as or before the guest.
  • Unlike the individual free guest pass, this pass may be reused once by an individual guest during that membership year.

Be a Paid Guest

Guests are welcome to pay a guest fee to attend a PACT meeting. Ideally, the guest should pay the guest fee online before the meeting. If this is not possible, guests can register at the door.


  • Guest fee/meeting: $30
  • Student Guest fee/meeting: $10

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at