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You've heard about it, now you can do it. Slack, a social-collaborative tool that enables real-time communication and is particularly positioned for success as a learning tool. Its capabilities extend learning from stand-alone offerings into micro-communications and context-related expert sourcing — See case studies on how these multi-access environments can be combined with analytics tools available both inside Slack as well as other services. Learn the keys to designing and managing your learning ecosystem in the workplace for improved performance, or in higher education settings to support local or distributed student populations.

Participant Take-aways
- Learn the basics of the Slack platform
- Learn the design fundamentals and practices needed to situate Slack to support learning
- Discover the measurement and analytics tool to learn more about your ecosystem and how it functions
- Explore the management/facilitation fundamentals needed to grow and foster your learning ecosystem

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About Mark Sheppard

As a learning & development practitioner, speaker, and recovering blogger, Mark Sheppard is no stranger to the ever-evolving L&D community. He cheerfully embraces his inner geek and channels that energy into putting technology to work in the learning process. His work has been recognized with awards ranging from the eLearning Guild to the Royal Canadian Air Force. He has shared his expertise and insights with audiences in Canada, the US, and Australia. He believes in the the "art of the possible", the power of innovation and challenging expectations. He holds a Certificate in Adult Training and Development from The University of Toronto, a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Seneca College, and a Masters Degree in Learning & Technology from Royal Roads University.