Houston We Have a Problem: Our Onboarding Program Needs Help!

  • The Metropolitan Ballroom & Clubroom
    5418 Wayzata Boulevard
    Golden Valley, MN 55416

Program Detail

Do you want your employees to be engaged with your organization’s values their first days on the job? Do your employees know why their jobs matter for your customers? Come to this session to learn how to bring your corporate values to life in your onboarding programs. We will introduce you to a simple tool that we used to guide us as we built our content, focusing on our values and our customers. Activities we used to engage our learners will be included. We will share with you how we enlisted leadership support and buy in, and our assessment and follow up tools.

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About Karissa Smith

Karissa Smith is currently a Training & Development Liaison at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She has a varied background ranging from fitness and coaching to teaching and training to sales and service spanning over the last 10 years. With this diversity comes many weeks, months and years of working with people to help develop their skills and talents. Having trained, taught and mentored in many different settings and to diverse populations it has given her a broad outlook on training and development. Through her experiences she has learned that before you can teach someone how to do something, you have to tell them why it matters. Her public speaking and training engagements have ranged from small groups up to 450+.
Currently, Karissa is the program leader for the Practice Operations new employee training at Mayo Clinic where they recently redesigned their onboarding program. Along with her team, they train 20-50 new employees each month about the culture, history and values of Mayo Clinic as well as role specific training.

About Lynn Stolp

Lynn Stolp began her adult training career teaching owner-builders how to measure and cut roof rafters for their homes. From there she moved on to providing leadership coaching, facilitation, OD consulting, and training to all levels of staff in both for-profit and not for profit organizations. She developed a reputation for outstanding service and exceeding customer expectations. Her greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the light bulbs come on for individuals and teams when they “get it”. In her current position as Training & Development Liaison for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Lynn is leading the team that is creating a leadership development program for front line supervisors.