From Random Acts to Results: Evolving Learning and Enablement to a Strategic Profession

  • The Metropolitan Ballroom & Clubroom
    5418 Wayzata Boulevard
    Golden Valley, MN 55416

Program Detail

Customers have more knowledge than ever before, and businesses are shifting to better serve those empowered customers. The shift is affecting every business function: finance, technology, marketing, sales. And now, as learning professionals, it’s our turn.

Employees today are bombarded with an unprecedented level of noise and information. In spite of the existence of online learning technologies, business unit leaders are still frustrated with these solutions, and companies are realizing that technology alone won’t fix the information overload. To get more out of their investment, businesses need to cut through the random acts and create a clear path to success for their people. This is the new opportunity for our profession.

In this session, Oxygen CEO Juliana Stancampiano will share an approach that we believe will modernize our profession between now and 2020, and avoid extinction. She’ll cover:
• The current state of the industry
• The urgent need for a new way of working, a new process and a new rapid agile approach to the development and deployment of online learning platforms
In her session, she’ll introduce the Role Enablement method and its components, and share how clients have successfully adopted a role-based approach to corral the random acts and catalyze a new type of conversation between learning professionals and their internal customers. The audience will engage in discussion about what great learning experience feels like, and how role-based enablement can pave the way for future ways of working.

Learning objectives:
• Finding a new way of thinking about an employee’s job or role, and understanding how to apply role-based thinking within their own environment
• Creating a new conversation at work to move the business strategy forward, and how the new conversation can help define better requirements for technology
• Define the enablement/learning function and its value to the business: why should they engage?

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o We will follow an interactive design for this “presentation”

o There will be the sharing of knowledge, through a few slides, video and interaction with the audience (asking questions)

o After we have a baseline on the knowledge, we will break the room into groups to work on specific areas of a “new way of working” as it applies to their work specifically

o Juliana will rotate around the room to answer questions, listen to the discussion and help with progress

o The session will be wrapped up with a group debrief of what was experienced, how it could be useful for them at work

How it may best apply to PACT audience:

• This presentation aims to provide the PACT audience with new insight and perspective into a new way of working for learning professionals. They’ll take away a different perspective on how to approach their work – outlined in this session – into their workplace to have a different conversation with their colleagues, customers, direct reports, and employees. Participants will be introduced to an “architected approach to learning” that focuses on enabling their audience, through letting go of what we “know” and embracing a new way forward.

Presenter Bio

As a consultant and strategist focused on helping individuals adapt and excel in support of their CEO’s growth agenda, Juliana Stancampiano has over 15 years of experience in engineering valuable and memorable learning experiences that translate the sales and business strategy into measurable behavior change. Her thought leadership in collaboration with client teams helps sellers attain success the productivity lifecycle (hiring, onboarding, and ongoing development). Through her work, her clients are able to design, deploy, and reinforce initiatives that instill the right skills and knowledge in the sales force while also designing and sequencing learning interactions required to accelerate sales performance.
She has partnered to overcome growth-centric challenges across many different industries (IT, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Professional Services) and has published articles in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Training Industry, Talent Development Magazine and the Huffington Post on the value of learning to accelerating business and sales strategies. Previous to founding Oxygen in 2008, Juliana operated within the HR function, working across a diverse team from Europe, Middle East and Africa while based in Munich, Germany, then London, UK. She holds a Business degree from Southern Methodist University.


Juliana Stancampiano