Jake Turner & Dylan Warzenski - Crowdsourcing Video Content for Learning and Communication

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Important Note About This Presentation

For the activity we will need to split into groups and at least one person in each group should have a laptop/phone/tablet to create and edit videos.


Demonstrating that with the right platform you can enable enhanced knowledge sharing around an organization through the use of informal video. We will show the Mortenson solution, explain the approach and implementation, and demonstrate with a hands on activity with audience participation.

Learning Objectives

-Learners will be able to articulate the basic technical architecture of of an enterprise video platform.
-Learners will be able to explain what informal video learning solution are and how they can help an organization.
-Learners will be able to create a storyboard with their own learning objectives.
-Learners will plan, capture, edit and publish a video in a centralized video platform made just for PACT through the ilos vendor.

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About Jake Turner

Jake is a former Digital Learning Lead at Mortenson and current Learning and Communications Media Producer at Medtronic. Jake was the driving catalyst for the implementation integration of the enterprise wide video solution at Mortenson called MortTube. He has a passion for all things video learning including content creation, management and delivery. He enjoys taking complex processes and simplifying them into user friendly solutions. Jake enjoys videography/photography and spending time with his year and a half old son and wife.

About Dylan Warzenski

Dylan Warzenski is a Project Solutions Specialist at Mortenson Construction who created the company's previous video training platform and has helped with the transition to iLos (MortTube). In addition to providing enhancements and support for project management software used in the field, he also films and edits all Project Solutions videos and built/manages the Project Solutions Manual training website. He enjoys spending time with his family and creating music in his home studio.

Jake Turner

Jake Turner

Dylan Warzenski

Dylan Warzenski