PACT Stories

Being a member of PACT can be rewarding in so many ways! But don't take our word for it, here are some stories from some of our members.

Rebecca George

Rebecca GeorgeLast summer, I was looking for full-time work after working part-time for about 10 years. I was invited to PACT on a guest pass in September, made some great connection, became a member, and got a lead for my job at the October meeting. I've now been happily employed at the University of Minnesota for 6 months. Thanks PACT!

Karen Hanson

Karen HansonI discovered PACT through the ASTD-TCC regional conference almost 4 years ago. PACT has provided me with a great way to network with other learning and development professionals in the Twin Cities. I've enjoyed learning more about elearning, mobile learning, Tin Can API and other new tools and technologies in our industry. I've even had the opportunity to meet training "celebrities" such as Tom Kuhlmann from Articulate and Captain Captivate. Because of PACT, I learned about Elliott Masie's Learning Conference and was selected as a "30 Under 30" participant for Learning 2011. My latest news is that I recently received a promotion from Trainer to Training Manager at my job! I couldn't have done it without the help and support of PACT.

Brian Keller

Brian KellerI really wanted to get a job in the training industry. So I am lucky, I feel, to have found the Professional Association for Computer Training—thanks to Danielle Causton, actually, who recommended it at an event she presented at. Anyways, like I was saying....

I was looking for a job in training, and found a home at PACT. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t find my “home” there immediately. I was as nervous as a kindergartener—the people were new, the topics were different, and I didn’t have anyone to sit and eat with.

But PACT members are good people—they care. They even hug. Hey, most professional organizations don’t have much hugging, let’s be honest. To put it out there, PACT people have heart. And I quickly found friends to sit and eat with.

But I was still unemployed in the training world, despite all I did. I attended SIGs, met Jay Kasdan—whose rolodex of friends extends farther than my rolodex of people in this world whose name I know. I became a better networker, and I learned a lot about the L&D industry.

One day, Brandy Favilla encouraged me to become a PACT Board Member, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I expanded my resume by marketing PACT’s workshops, met industry professionals, and got to drink a beer with Tom Kuhlmann.

Still, though, it seemed I wasn’t destined to work in the training industry—I was actually working as a freelance marketer. I enjoyed that, but I was lonely; I missed my training friends.... Until one day, months after my own board membership ended, a PACT member, Margoux May, messaged me, “Hey, Fredrickson Communications is hiring a Marketing Associate. You should check it out!”

I knew some Fredrickson folks from my time on PACT’s board, and I questioned them about the open position. A bit later, Fredrickson called me in for a handful of interviews. And I waited, and stressed. Waiting is the hardest part of the process. Days later, J. Hruby called and offered me the job—one of the best phone calls I’ve had.

And PACT played an important role. I was introduced to people from Fredrickson during PACT meetings, I found out about my current position through a PACT connection, and I had experience marketing L&D workshops because I sat on PACT’s board.

Overall, I think PACT is made up of friendly, down-to-earth L&D professionals looking to connect, learn, and help each other out. I’m glad to be part of the group, and I’m glad to submit my PACT Story.

Thank You, PACT!

Mike Schimmel

Mike SchimmelPACT has been the foundation for building a strong career in the learning industry over the last 20 years. The networking, workshops, speakers and friendships you gain from membership are priceless.

One of the main reasons PACT has been such a successful part of my career is because of the amount of time I committed to volunteering. If you do not get involved by volunteering, you miss out on a lot of great opportunities. PACT is a great venue to gain experience if you’re willing to volunteer. The board training, committees and advisory councils(all volunteer) I was a part of, provided me with experience I would not have received in my regular position.

Sandy Tschannen

Sandy TschannenPACT has been an integral part of both my professional and personal life for over 20 years. As a professional organization, it has provided me with the ability to network with fellow training professionals in ways that no other organization can provide. Not only is the membership made up of diverse and knowledgeable training professionals with a broad range of experiences and expertise – but everyone is willing to share and help each other be successful. Nowhere else can you make an announcement about some kind of professional achievement or request help for an otherwise obscure training approach, tool or professional challenge and find an entire group of people who really “get” what you are talking about and provide support, encouragement, resources for answers, and even job leads! The collaborative and collegial atmosphere that is at the core of PACT is the reason that we have stayed relevant and “in business” for over 40 years! On a personal note, I have made life-long friends through PACT – my life is far richer because of my connections with PACT.

Besides the obvious benefit of getting to know and network with other PACT members, by volunteering you get the opportunity to try out new skills in the safe environment of a group of supportive training professionals. You can build your resume, and your confidence, by helping with any one of a dozen various projects and programs within the organization. From as little as a couple of hours in a year to a dozen hours in a month, there is a huge variety of opportunities awaiting your skills, energy and enthusiasm. It is especially gratifying to become part of the elected PACT Board of Directors and help mold the organization to be even better positioned to support our members and community as we move through our 5th decade.