Hall of Fame Award

The Award

PACT awards the Hall of Fame (HOF) award to a member that exemplifies the PACT mission and vision and has provided significant contributions to the organization.

Recipients are presented the award at a PACT monthly meeting. Honoree’s names are commemorated on a plaque displayed on the membership table during every monthly meetings. In addition, each recipient receives a HOF permanent name badge.

Nomination Criteria

  • Must have served on a committee or board as a significant contributor
  • Current PACT member
  • 5 year minimum membership
  • Cannot nominate oneself
  • Cannot nominate a past recipient
  • Current board members cannot make a nomination
  • Current board members cannot be nominated
  • Adequate detail and examples to be considered. 500 min. characters ideal.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations must be submitted through the website Hall of Fame nomination form.
  • Nominations open in June and are awarded during the November membership meeting.
  • Members can nominate as many people as they like, but cannot nominate the same person twice.
  • Members nominate. Board reviews and selects.
  • The Board may not select any of the nominees if they determine a viable candidate has not been submitted.

Past Recipients

  • Joann Lynch, 2015-2016
  • Elaine Clark, 2014-2015
  • Joyce Lasecke, 2013-2014
  • Sandy Tschannen, 2008-9
  • Susan Voigt, 2007-8
  • Mike Schimmel, 2006-7
  • Mark Biederman, 2005-6
  • Mary Texer, 2004-5
  • Lou Goertzen, 2004-5 (awarded posthumously)
  • Donna Bondow, 2003-4

Hall of Fame Winners